The Nutra Cure line of skincare, beauty and hair care products are manufactured to exacting specifications and must meet rigorous safety standards before being made available to the public. In addition to being produced in world-class manufacturing facilities, Nutra Cure products contain only the finest ingredients obtained from reliable, world-wide sources. Our commitment to you is for complete transparency when it comes to our products, our processes and the ingredients we use.

100% Natural, Side Effects free, Non reactive to every skin type, Cruelty Free

Hydroquinone Free

All Nutra Cure products are guaranteed to be hydroquinone-free. Hydroquinone is what’s referred to as an “aromatic organic compound.” Regardless of how that may sound, hydroquinone has been regulated and in some cases banned for use in skin care products around the world. Some disreputable manufacturers or distributors include the banned compound in their products. It has been frequently misused and with hydroquinone, there is little margin for error. Misuse can result in skin rashes or other topical reactions. All Nutra Cure products are guaranteed to be 100% hydroquinone-free.Alpha-arbutin is often used in higher quality beauty products as a substitute for hydroquinone. Alpha-arbutin is natural whitening ingredient, extracted from seaweeds and the bearberry plant. It is equally effective as hydroquinone, proven safe and non-toxic.

No Animal Testing

We don’t believe in and we don’t practice animal testing. In today’s manufacturing climate, there is simply no reason to have skin care, beauty or hair care products tested on animals. Nutra Cure products meet the strictest safety standards set by the governments of the United States of America, the European Union and Asia without being needlessly tested on animals. Part of our commitment to Nutra Cure clients is to offer cruelty-free products made of the highest quality. That’s a commitment we plan on keeping as long as we’re in business.

Free of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are toxic to our bodies. They damage our internal systems, can potentially change our DNA and pose a great health risk to pregnant women and children. The entire line of Nutra Cure products are 100% free of harmful heavy metals. We put our health, and your health, first. Your skin care, beauty and hair care products must be free of heavy metals. Even if you purchase product from somewhere else, make sure that what you’re buying is certified to be free of heavy metals. You owe that to your body and your health.

No Hidden Ingredients

Hidden ingredients and filler have no place in high quality, luxury skin care products. One of the problems with filler or hidden ingredients is that they can be included in the product and the product can still be considered natural. Another problem is that when a skin care, beauty or hair care product contains filler or hidden ingredients, it contains reduced concentrations of the active ingredients. As you can see, our commitment to the finest products with the highest quality ingredients is unwavering. Our promise to you is simple: our products contain only the ingredients included on the packaging, they are of the highest quality and we will never undermine or dilute our products by using fillers or questionable ingredients. Now that you know a little bit more about why you should choose Nutra Cure, please take a closer look at our product line and learn how Nutra Cure can make a positive difference in your appearance and your life!